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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Microblading, also referred to as eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, or hair stroke brows. “Strokes'' are created on the skin to imitate the look of real brow hair, in a precise pattern that flows with your natural hair growth. Microblading is not a substitute for makeup; it will not create a “filled in'' look. It is best for normal/dry clients with evenly-distributed brow hair*, and with skin that is not too thin, thick, or sensitive. Microblading typically needs refreshing every 1-2 years.


Powder Brows:
Powder Brows, as opposed to microblading, do not feature hair strokes. Instead, a soft pixelated color is added to the brow, that heals looking subtle and powdery. For the most natural-looking result, the color softly diffuses at the head of each brow; they are never harshly squared off. Clients with oily, sensitive, heavily creased, delicate, or thick skin will have the best healed result with this method. It’s also typically the best option for cover ups and corrections. This method typically needs refreshing every 2-3 years.


Combo Brows: 

Combo Brows feature microblading and powder shading! It’s the best of both worlds, and more customizable than one of those two methods alone. This method is best for clients with little/uneven hair and normal/dry skin that is not too thin, thick, or sensitive. 
Combo Brows typically require maintenance every 2-3 years. If you are interested in this service, please schedule a “Powder Brow” appointment. 

Permanent Eyeliner

Lashline Enhancement: This technique enhances just the lash line, producing a thin, subtle line only through the lashes, to create the illusion of a fuller lashline. It draws just enough attention to the eyes, in the “can’t put your finger on it” kind of way.

Stardust Liner: This technique mimics a smoked-out powder eyeliner. A dark and defined lashline diffuses upward onto the lid, creating a gorgeous gradient & small, customized wing. If you’re turned off by the look of old-school eyeliner tattoos, but want your eyes to be the center of attention, this may be for you. 
   Note: This style is not suitable for clients with hooded eyes, heavily creased eyes, thinning skin, or very vascular lids.

Classic Liner: It’s bold and makes a statement, yet can still be worn everyday. This technique is a solid eyeliner with a small classic wing. A dark and defined lashline diffuses upward onto the lid, creating a gorgeous gradient  

Permanent eyeliner typically requires 2 sessions to complete, and then you’ll need a “colorboost” every 3-5 years.

Permanent Lip Makeup

A beautiful lip tint that enhances the natural shape of your lips & gives them a perfect boost of color. A natural lipstick look that recreates the illusion of fuller lips. Results can last up to two years!

3D Mastectomy Areola Tattooing

The finishing touch to your breast reconstruction. Restore femininity and confidence with a 3D areola/ nipple tattoo. This is a customized service performed in a private studio setting. Your comfort and privacy is always our #1 priority.

Salon & Spa Services

Eyelash extensions, lash lift and tint, threading/brow sculpting

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